Crownridge Music Club

Welcome parents, teachers, students, music organizations and music lovers alike!

Crownridge Music Club was founded in 2007 in San Antonio, Texas making us one of the youngest clubs affiliated with the National Federation of Music Clubs which was founded in 1898.  At the state level, we are affiliated with the Texas Federation of Music Clubs which was founded in 1915.

Crownridge Music Club members strive to develop and strengthen working relationships with one another, with music clubs and other musical organizations and individuals:

  1. for the purpose of developing and maintaining high musical standards,
  2. for aiding and encouraging musical education, and
  3. for the promotion of American music and American artists.

Our primary focus aims at accomplishing our mission through sponsoring an annual NFMC Junior Festival, sometimes referred to as the NFMC Gold Cup Festival.   Over 100 types of available events in over thirty categories may be represented at these festivals: piano, voice, strings, woodwinds, percussion and more.  Festival events include solos, concerti, duets, trios, quartets, duos, brass, wind and string ensembles, orchestras, and others.

Festivals allow our students an opportunity to learn musical selections from a required repertoire drawn from American composers, to perform those selections, and to be evaluated on their performances by an unbiased third party.  Festivals are not competitions.  Evaluations are based strictly on merit.  Points are earned based on the evaluation and are counted toward participation in the NFMC Gold Cup Program.  Students receiving “Superior” ratings are invited to participate in the Texas State Festival held in May each year at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas.

If you are looking for performing opportunities, motivational programs, or scholarship opportunities for your students, then CMC is looking for you!  Please email for more information.

We thank our supporters, our patron members, sponsors and advertisers who enable us to accomplish our mission.  Please visit them online, by phone or in person, especially when you have need for their products or services.